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 Hi I am Ryash

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Age : 35
Location : Earth City, Missouri
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PostSubject: Hi I am Ryash   19/6/2008, 7:49 pm

So yeah this is some info about me.

I also use the name Shuxion as well.

I live in Earth City Missouri

I am 25 years old.

Outside of anime and games I love sports a lot, both playing and watching.

My Car CD player consists of Game and anime soundtracks with the occasional Death Metal CD.

I am really into the tech industry. I am always studying to get certified in different parts of the industry. I am going for my Project Manager and Cisco certifications soon. I also have to renew my Microsoft Certification. SO I study a lot during my breaks at work. study

Most of the stuff about me you can see in the about section. I cannot really add more.

Oh, I just bought a leather couch for my apartment/townhouse that I am almost a full owner of. 2 more years to fully pay it off.

Technically I am single but the relationship I am having with my ex/current/ex girlfriend is kinda odd. We still really love each other and never fight, but we are both very busy.

I was gonna do this after work but I decided to make this during lunch so there is a little about me. No
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Hi I am Ryash
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