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 Your favorite Doujinshi

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PostSubject: Your favorite Doujinshi   18/7/2008, 2:45 am

So what are your favorite doujinshi's? There are a bunch of them, translated and not translated. More are going to be popping up as time goes by. Maybe on Sunday, we shall see. But here are my favorites:

1. Wird Candys (Suikoden 3)
2. Lym Para (Suikoden 5)
3. Ara Rangi (Suikoden 5)
4. Asami Aria (Suikoden 2) cat
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PostSubject: Re: Your favorite Doujinshi   19/7/2008, 10:28 am

Err, mine are...

1. Shigure - Suikoden III, a bit of Suikoden I inside.
2. Flik's Situation - Suikoden II
3. Minna Dareka no Itoshii Hito - Suikoden V

Ah, I have many untranslated doujins in my folder.... Mostly were taken only because of the beauty art. ;_;
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Your favorite Doujinshi
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