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 Your Favorite Suikoden Soundtrack

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PostSubject: Your Favorite Suikoden Soundtrack   29/4/2008, 4:20 am

We would like to know what soundtrack you like best. You can head to the Audio Section and check all the ones we have out. Here is my top 5:

Suikoden 2
Suikoden 5
Asian Collection
Celtic Collection #2
Suikoden 3
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PostSubject: Re: Your Favorite Suikoden Soundtrack   2/5/2008, 6:41 am

Suikoden V's soundtrack. It is by far the most excellent but that's probably cause it's the most recent. "A Moment of Calm" that one really gets me. I keep seeing the prince and his mom hugging... Then I think about how she has to die... Crying or Very sad Most of my favorites were songs that brought good memories to mind, were emotional or I thought were really appropriate for their settings.

Most Favorites:

"A Moment of Calm" - Almost makes me cry. I love you
"The Godwin Family Castle"
"Sorrow" Sad
"Town on a River"
"An Attack"
"Despair and Hope" - Really liked this one when that strange instrument came in for some reason.
"The Water Capital"
"An Odd Bunch"
"Overcoming the Grief" - Reminded me of Breath of Fire for some reason...
"Imprisonment" - Reminded me of Vincent's theme from FF7 =P
"Oboro Detective Agency" - Very appropriate sounding.
"Traces of the Sindar"
"The River and the Sun" - Theme of the game to me.
"Port Town" - Has an attitude.
"Suddenly It's Euram BArrows!" - Has that clumsy villain thing.
"The Sound of a Flute Echoing"
"Soldiers of Godwin"
"A Sad Wish" - I like the vocals here.
"The Light Moaning"
"Dancing Rhapsody"
"Theme of a Moonlit Night" - Really liked this one.
"To the End of the Woven Tale pf the 108 Stars" - Emotional.
"Into a World of Illusions" - So familiar! =P
"To Peaceful Days" - God I love that weird sounding instrument!

I think I really like about half the songs on this soundtrack. And here you asked which soundtrack I liked and not all the songs I like in my favorite... =P Oh well it should be obvious that Suikoden V is my favorite soundtrack.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Favorite Suikoden Soundtrack   18/6/2008, 11:29 am

I like Suikoden 3's sound tracks as they are just ......... GREAT

Some of the S3 music i like :

Farm village (Chisa Village theme)
Exceeding Love
Annoucing the results
Path Destroyer
Combat mission !
Ringing of the front plate
Scattering Sparks
End Game
Everyone's Smiling faces (108 stars of destiny)

And I also like a few of other suikoden music like :

S1's Victory music
S5's Wind of Phamtom
S2's The Chase (Luca Blight's Battle Theme)
S2's Opening
S2's Ever Farther (2nd BGM Theme ,the best)
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PostSubject: Re: Your Favorite Suikoden Soundtrack   8/7/2008, 1:05 am

There is so many good tracks !!! They make me tremble !
The S5 sountrack is almost entirely awesome (queen knight wtf !! )

in S4 the only memorable song was the intro coba

S3 i liked blade a lot !! and the ending theme too

S2 ( currently playing ) but I heard before gothic neclord ( my favorite song of the moment )

S1 the ending song was really good

celtic collection 2 and 3 are really good !!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Your Favorite Suikoden Soundtrack   28/7/2008, 12:39 am

I think all Suikodens had their own unique and beautiful songs, but I will list a few I loved more than others.

Suikoden I
"Avertuneiro Antes LanceMao, After The Battle"
"Beginning Theme"
"Black Forest"
"Distant Mountain"
"Echoes of The Changing Past"
"Forgotten Days"
"Inside the Silence"
"Into A World of Illusion"
"Main Theme Arrange (Guitar Versions)"
"Theme of Sadness (Guitar Version)"
"Tiny Characters In A Huge World"
"Touching Theme"

Suikoden II
"A Peaceful Mountain Village"
"A Prayer To My Mother"
"Adventurous Journey"
"Amid The Silence"
"An Old Story"
"Beautiful Morning"
"Days Past"
"Due Fiumi ~2 Rivers~"
"Gothic Neclord"
"Heart-Softening BGM 1 and 2"
"Her Sigh"
"If You Listen Carefully"
"Labryrinth ~PENPE2"
"Moonlite Night Theme"
"Name Entry"
"Their Star"
"We Will Always Be"

Suikoden III (To be honest, I think Suikoden III had the worst soundtrack, but still had some pretty nice songs.)
"Beautiful Grasslands"
"Evening Melody"
"Green Grave Marker"
"In the Sun"
"Meeting, Again"
"Noisy Wind"
"Path Destroyer"
"Searching For A Hero"
"The Awaited Wind"
"Vinay del Zexay"

Suikoden IV
"A Formidable Enemy Appears"
"A New Journey ~Opening Theme~"
"Base 1"
"Battle on the Sea 1 and 2"
"Crossing the Waves"
"Decisive Battle Against then Wicked One"
"Echo of the Sea's Roar"
"Epilogue ~For the 108 Stars~"
"Finale: Remembering the Deep Blue"
"Gloomy Voyage"
"Imminent Threat"
"Into a World of Illusions"
"La Mer"
"Orange-colored Scenery"
"Premonition of Victory"
"Southern Wind"
"Time Stands Still"

Suikoden Tactics
"A Closed Heart"
"A Letter From a Young Lady"
"A Match With Rita"
"A Mystery Hidden in the Ruins"
"An Offering to the Great Blue Ocean"
"A Place to Rest On the Journey"
"Annihilated Malice"
"Another World"
"Rune of Punishment ~Meeting the Cursed Rune~"
"Steadfast Determination!"
"The Beginning of Battle"
"The One With Different Blood"
"Things Lost"
"Town Upon a Canal"
"True Feelings"
"Until This Time Comes"
"Victory Before Your Eyes"
"War of the Rune Cannons"
"What Strife Brings (Echo of the Sea's Roar)"
"When Strength Runs Out"

Suikoden V (I haven't played enough to note all the songs I like, but here's a few.)
"A Moment of Calm"
"The Return"
"Wind of Phantom"

That's about it.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Favorite Suikoden Soundtrack   29/7/2008, 10:02 am

I love all the soundtrack from Suikoden V..listen to it everyday lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Your Favorite Suikoden Soundtrack   

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Your Favorite Suikoden Soundtrack
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