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Suikoden Underground fans unite and talk about Suikoden Underground, along with Suikoden. This forum is for you all to tell us what you think.
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 Hi-hi =D

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Monkey D. Aya


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PostSubject: Hi-hi =D   9/1/2009, 10:41 am

Hi everyone!!! I have found this forum while looking for infos about Suikoden Tierkreis... and now I'm here!! =) what about me? well I'm italian (eeeeh, so sorry for the grammar errors -_-") and I'm BIG fan of suikoden since I've played Suikoden2 in 2001... after that I've become addicted to it...! (too bad we never seen Suikoden3 in Europe... T-T)
Other things I L-O-V-E are Final Fantasy and almost all RPGs... I watch anime, read manga, and I always drawing something! XD
I will be not very present probabily, since I'm (too) often sick... but I hope you will take care of me X3
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PostSubject: Re: Hi-hi =D   12/1/2009, 1:27 am

Welcome, there isn't a lot here but when the new Suikoden Videos site kicks off there will be lots going on.
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Hi-hi =D
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